Molecular Gastronomy – Make Your Next Dinner Party Unique!

Molecular Gastronomy

I have been fascinated with Molecular Gastronomy for awhile now and finally decided to try it myself. Each time gets better and better as I learn from my mistakes. Above, is a glass of chilled Olive Oil with drops of Balsamic Vinegar reduced down with Agar to create “Balsamic Pearls”. Wow! Below, is a photo of my take on a Caprese Salad using the Balsamic Pearls.

I would love to make your next dinner party special and incorporate the new tricks I have learned. I have been playing and creating Pearls, Foams and Mousses. Think Watermelon Foam with Feta, Sea Salt and Mint. Think deconstructed Caesar Salad using a Mousse for the dressing and garnished with Romaine Lettuce and Bacon. Is your mouth watering yet?

Book your dinner party today and let’s get creative, Chef Heather Zaida “CHZ”

Caprese Salad